Wiring Services

Trigenex is one of the leaders in the engineering of wired telecommunications infrastructures. Count on us for the design and engineering of your overhead or underground infrastructure.

Our services

  • Deployment and distribution of optical fiber
  • Preliminary study and planning
  • Structural surveys
  • Design of external and intra-building networks
  • Engineering (engineering by the tenant)
  • Construction drawings
  • Construction site surveillance
  • As-built drawings
  • Infrastructure inspection

Types of projects

  • Business customers
  • Network deployment
  • Power supply for sites and wireless antennas
  • Engineering for private fiber network
  • Home fiber distribution design (FTTH)

Project management

Ensure precise and real-time monitoring of the general performance of your projects with our online project management software. Among our services:

  • Management of specific or turnkey projects
  • Preparation of tenders, quotes and cost estimates
  • Analysis, statistics, reports
  • Local technical support
  • Meeting with the various representatives

Permits, easements and rights of way

Trigenex takes care of obtaining all permissions so that your project meets the standards and owner’s requirements. Among our services:

  • Permit request to various stakeholders
  • Monitoring, revival and extension of permits
  • Meeting and negotiation with the various stakeholders
  • Negotiation and procurement of easements